About Us

A diplomatic organization that upholds global culture, supports transnationality, promotes corporate social responsibility, protects micro-sustainability, and respects the way of life. We are a nation without borders, with consular districts and organizational territorial jurisdictions in major continents of the world.

It is not correct to interpret Amandium as a simulated cyber-world. We transcend national borders without breaching or lessening the sovereignty of other state. However, we maintain consular jurisdiction in countries all over the world. These consular jurisdictions are incorporated organizations whose members have been naturalized citizens through Naturalization process, Charter of Incorporation or Letters Patent.

Individuals or people without country, statelessness, are welcome in Amandium. Giving citizenship to these people is our main priority, allowing them access to resources. The idea of people without a country is not new. Example cases are children born abroad, gypsies, refugee, minority ethnic groups and among others.

National Anthem

Amandium is a place where like minded individuals can interact and express their opinion about the politics of life, without the fear of persecution. Amandium offers equal democratic rights and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, and sexual orientation.

We consider our citizens to hold dual-citizenship along with the citizenship of the nation in which they currently hold legal status, and to remain subject to all laws of the host country, in which they live. Our organization will not engage in conflict from the existing state, nor does it purport to claim, breach, or lessen the territory of other sovereign state by any means.


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General Information

Name: Nation of Amandium - Formal Style

Amandium - Shorten Style 

NA - Abbreviation

Official Website: www.amandium.org

Population: 715 as of January 2011 
Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Capital: Amandium

Demonym: Amandians

Currency: Amanz

Ð or AB - Amanz

State Music: The Sovereign 

State Emblems:Coat-of-Arms Flag 

Anthem: The National Anthem 

Poem: Oh Amandium

Motto: Humanitas Excellentiam Scientiae

Capital: Amandium

Location: A country with virtual territorial jurisdiction. It is not correct to interpret Amandium as a simulated cyber-world.

Official Language: Universal

National language: English


Legislative House:

Supreme Court:


- State Holiday - January 21

- Fondation day - December 17

- Globals Holidays 


- Established December 17, 2010

- Current Constitution 

Area Land:

- All virtual and physical territories belonging or pertaining to the state.

GDP (PPP) 2010 estimate:

- Total Ð 10,000.00 

Exchange Rate: 1 $ (US Dollar) = 1 Ð (Amanz)

Time Zone: Global Positioning