Why do people join Amandium?

People wanted change and they find our core national values as interesting. It is not all about the having dual citizenship and passport, but a place where like minded individuals can interact and express their opinion about the politics of life, without the fear of persecution.

People without a country, statelessness, are welcome in Amandium. Giving citizenship to these people is our main priority, hence giving them legitimacy and to permanently exists, allowing them to travel abroad. The idea of people without a country is not new. Example cases are children born abroad, gypsies, refugee, minority ethnic groups and the like.

Throughout history we have had many examples of displaced people without a land of their own. In December 2000, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported a caseload of 22.3 million refugees and displaced people resulting from fighting in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth. The UNHCR also estimates that some 25 million ethnic Russians are currently living outside the borders of the Russian Federation. (Thomas Frey, Juan F “Kiko” Suarez and Eduardo Suárez).

What is the difference between Amandium and “virtual worlds”?

Amandium is not an avatar or a virtual representation of oneself. It is not correct to interpret Amandium as a simulated cyber-world. Amandium on the other hand is a country, not a virtual environment. The activities are real life with real the results. People are involved in many activities such as politics, finding partners, earning money, setting up of organizations, and do thing like you do in everyday life.

Why Amandium a Virtual Sovereign Nation-State?

Probably the simplest definition of a virtual country is a country without land and without borders. The country, or land, on which members of a virtual country resides will be referred as a host country. A Virtual Sovereign Nation-State means it is a country that has virtual territorial jurisdiction. On the other hand we maintain consular jurisdiction in countries all over the world. These consular jurisdictions are incorporated organizations whose members have been naturalized citizens through Naturalization process, Charter of Incorporation or Letters Patent.

What is the correct understanding of Amandium?

Amandium is a country with real people, not a virtual world. Most of our citizens are mature believers of global culture and post-modernism. Some of them are engage in consultation in human rights, trainings, workshops, and other socio-civic activities that promotes the value of our nation. They are scholars who excel in their fields or average individuals who wanted change.

In these coming months, Amandium will launch the “business hub” where our citizens can conduct economic activities and e-commerce. These are just few examples of the activities we do. Also, our consular districts conduct several social engagements in promoting good governance and volunteerism. 

Do I have to move somewhere?

No. Amazens don’t have to transfer residency.  We consider our citizens to hold dual-citizenship along with the citizenship of the nation in which they currently hold legal status, and to remain subject to all laws of the host country, in which they live. Amandium will give you instead more rights and benefits, taking nothing from you, but expanding your horizon to the world.

Is this recognized by the UN? 

No. There are numerous countries which have land and yet are not recognized by UN. Recognition by UN is not mandatory according to Montevideo Convention.

Are you offering passports or other governmental documents? 

Yes, the Office of the Chancery dispenses passport, visa, certificate of citizenship, and other legal documents.

No Taxes. Can Amandium be sustainable? 

There are no taxes for individuals, but for businesses we do. When you associate your company with us, or transact business in our market hub, a tax is collected. Other sources of income are from institutions worldwide.

Will Amandium have its own currency?

Yes and its Amanz. Business transaction is conducted mainly in electronic currency and we rarely use our bank notes.