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Obtain a Title of Nobility From Amandium

posted Jan 23, 2011, 6:41 AM by Amandium Rex


 Micronation offers titles and citizenship to those who apply. 

Amandium January 24, 2011 –THE Nation of Amandium is currently looking for persons applicable to apply for citizenship and resident status to the micronation of Amandium. Priority will be given to persons without a country who need a state of residency, however applications are open to any person who wishes to apply. Official passports, visas, and other official documents are available for persons accepted as citizens.

Titles of nobility are also being awarded, at no cost, to persons who have contributed something positive to the community, and can display evidence or documentation. Diplomatic titles will also be granted to persons with leadership roles in social organizations, provided that the organization establishes a branch of itself in the nation of Amandium. All members of an organization that opens in Amandium will become citizens. Citizens with pre-existing titles of nobility granted from other countries will have their titles recognized and acknowledged by the government of Amandium.

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Amandium is a micronation that upholds global culture, supports transnationality, promotes corporate social responsibility, protects micro-sustainability, and respects the way of life.