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When It Comes To Nation Building Amandium Has The Right Idea

posted Jan 20, 2011, 7:18 AM by Amandium Rex   [ updated Jan 20, 2011, 9:32 AM ]

Discover how you can obtain citizenship in an amazing virtual country



January 20, 2011 – When creativity and innovation intersect, you will find a whole new world. The 21stCentury is filled with organizations and people who are willing to make the world a better place, that’s where the country of Amandium comes front and center providing people with an opportunity to gain citizenship,

At this point you may be asking yourself, what Amandium is. Excellent question to say the least and we will provide you with an answer as to what is Amandium. First of all, Amandium is a new Micronation that offers citizenship to youth leaders and Youth leaders are also granted nobility.

Amandium is a virtual country that is looking for people to apply for citizenship or resident status. Who can apply for citizenship? People in all ages, youth leaders, individuals without a country and those with statelessness are welcome in Amandium.

We strive to give citizenship to people without a country and those with statelessness. They are our priority, giving them legitimacy and to permanently exist, allowing them to travel abroad. Let’s face it; the idea of people living with a country is nothing new. United nation estimates that there are 22.3 million people without a country as of today.

Cases like this include children born abroad, gypsies, refuges, minority ethnic groups and the like. People that choose to obtain citizenry in the country of Amandium will no longer be without a country, they will be part of something great.

That’s not all, we are awarding “Titles of Nobility” and no payment is involved as long as an individual has achieved something good to the community. One requirement consist of a person showing proof, like photo evidence, otherwise very little documentation is involved.

Another way to be awarded citizenship is by incorporating your current group or social organization to us. By the way, the organizing officers will be given diplomatic titles or title of nobility and whichever title is appropriate. Once again, no fee is involved, only deserving people.

If you want citizenship in Amandium, what you need to do is email us and to request a consular district. We will send your request to the Charter document creating your organization. Your organization will be part of our Micronation and all members will become citizens.

We also accommodate existing Noble Title Holders, those people having noble titles or inherited noble titles our nation will recognize and acknowledge it. All titles granted or affirmed will be recorded in our database for posterity.

When it comes to Revival of Noble Titles, we can grant certificates of affirmation, reviving that the traditional title provided that the reviving party can provide us with the necessary document proving the existence of such title has been extinct. The application for citizenship can be found at: