House of Legislature

The governing council of the state and other functions inherent to The House of Legislature. Plan and promulgate laws.

A permanent committee instituted by the government that meets between sessions of a state legislature to study state problems and plan a legislative program. The Legislative Council is a statutory committee of the Legislature chaired in alternate years by the Head-of-the-Senate. Its member includes six additional members from each chamber. The Council staff provide a variety of nonpartisan bill drafting, research, computer and other administrative services to all of the members of both houses of the Legislature.

Under the direction of an Executive Director appointed by the Council, the staff of the Council:

Prepare all bills, memorials and resolutions and numerous amendments for consideration during each legislative session.
Review every law passed by the Legislature, make clerical corrections and draft explanatory notes where appropriate before delivering the office a version of the laws for publication.
Perform legal and other research at the request of legislators.
Publish annual editions of the following reports: Amandium Legislative Bill Drafting Manual, the Annual Report on Defects in the Amandium Revised Statutes and State Constitution and the Digest of Laws.
Perform the enrolling and engrossing bills, memorials and resolutions.
Provide computer support for the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.
The site provides a variety of detailed information regarding the content and status of bills and the activities of legislative committees.
Provide management and other support services for various legislative buildings and properties.