The Head-of-State. Source of all honors and merits, performs state ceremonies, and other rights and duties inherent
 to the monarchy. 


Honorific Titles

Emperor-King of Althashia
Fountain of Honor
Emperor of the Ocean Sea
Sovereign of Justice
King of the Aerial Space
Son of Heaven
Judge of All Magistrates
King of Peace
Defender of All Faith
Heavenly Emperor
Majesty of Perpetual Abundance
Guardian of Innovation and The Creatives
High King of All Nobles
Monarch of the Best and the Greatest
Ruler of all Subterranean Domain
Protector of Mother Earth

Amandium Strong

Amandium, you are mighty in our hearts.

Your glory and your honour make us strong.

Amandium, it is here the future starts,

so, happily and proudly, we belong!

Amandium, it’s an honour and a joy

to contribute to a nation, free and great.

Amandium, every woman, man and boy,

we pledge ourselves to you, our sovereign state!

Our voices and our hearts, we lift in song.

Your glory and your honour make us strong.

Amandium Rex,
Apr 23, 2012, 3:48 PM