History, Culture and Society

The Nation of Amandium, also called Amandium, is a micro nation with virtual territorial jurisdiction, or a “virtual country.” A virtual country is a land without a physical country and without borders. Although Amandium does not currently have physical land territory, it has consular districts and organizational territorial jurisdictions in several continents worldwide. The effects of Amandium citizens are real life actions, and the consequences are real life. Amandium is not a cyber or simulated game world.

The nation of Amandium was founded on December 17th, 2010. Amandium officially declared its foundation through the “Amandium et Deo Act.” Its currency is called Amanz. Its official language is the universal language, and its nation language is English. There is no state religion. The motto of Amandium is “Humanitas Excellentiam Scientiae.”

The nation of Amandium is a constitutional monarchy with a high emphasis on personal rights and freedoms. The current head of state is Amando I. The nation of Amandium offers democratic rights and an open minded government to all who are applicable to become citizens, and promotes freedom throughout the world. The nation of Amandium and its policies do not discriminate based on race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, or sexual orientation. The nation is dedicated to freedoms.

The population of the nation of Amandium, as of January 2011, is over 700. The population continues to grow as knowledge of the nation increases. Although some citizens of the nation of Amandium were stateless before achieving citizen status, many citizens are dual citizens of such countries as the United States of America, Canada, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Germany Australia, Argentina, Singapore, China, and many other major countries.

Everyone over the age of 15 can apply for citizenship to the nation of Amandium. However, people without a country, who are stateless, are given priority. Even today, there are thousands and thousands of people who, for reasons of war or other displacement, are without a country. Amandium seeks to give these people an identity and a country, so that they may maintain a passport and other travel documents, which they will then be able to use to travel or work. In addition, they will gain a national identity. When applying for citizenship, you may qualify and apply for a special position, such as government worker, a representative, or an official title within the nation of Amandium.

According to amandium.org, the criteria for citizenship are as follows:
1. You must be 15 years of age or older to apply for citizenship.
2. You must read through and review the official Amandium website.
3. You must complete the entire citizenship application form on the official Amandium website.
4. If your application for citizenship is denied, you will be notified via your email address.
One of the many reasons that a person might wish to become a citizen of the nation of Amandium is its open-minded foreign policies. Amandium has four main foreign policy goals for its citizens. The first goal is to protect the nation of Amandium. Amandium also seeks to promote an international understanding of the nation of Amandium’s values and policies throughout the world. Some of the nation of Amandium’s core values are advancing democracy, supporting and improving human rights, upholding a global worldwide culture, supporting world citizenship for all, protecting macro-sustainability, respecting one another’s way of life, and supporting many other global interests.

Another reason that a person might wish to become a citizen of the nation of Amandium is to no longer be stateless. There are many people, such as gypsies, refugees, etc, who are currently without a country—because of war, displacement, etc. Without an official legal country, people without a country do not have necessary official papers to safely and legally live in various countries. These people can benefit through virtual countries such as the nation of Amandium, which is open to people from many different cultures and celebrates many different ways of life. Through the nation of Amandium, they can obtain passports and other papers.

A third reason a person might wish to become a citizen of the nation of Amandium is the nation’s goal is the many freedoms the nation promotes. The nation of Amandium celebrates the expression of different opinions without the fear of persecution that exists in many other countries and states. The nation of Amandium also promotes global understanding and peace.

One of the most important aspects of the nation of Amandium is its foreign relations. The Department of Foreign Relations for the nation of Amandium is a vital part of its government. There are five main aspects of Amandium foreign relations, which explain the role of vital importance to the nation of Amandium within the world:

First reason: It is very important to represent the nation of Amandium overseas, and convey Amandium policies to various foreign governments and international organizations, through the use of Amandium embassies and consulates. The clarity of Amandium’s policies is important for maintain positive foreign relations with other nations and micro nations. Diplomatic missions may also be taken through these embassies and consulates, by Amandium officials.

Second reason: It is very important to maintain foreign relations because foreign relations will involve helping to negotiate and conclude agreements and treaties on a wide range of issues, including international trade and nuclear weapons of war.
Third reason: Coordinating and supporting international activities of other Amandium agencies is very important. This can involve organizing and hosting official international visits of people of importance from Amandium, and going on diplomatic missions.
Fourth reason: Leading interagency coordination and managing the allocation of resources to maintain and improve foreign relations is an important aspect of the nation of Amandium’s foreign relations.

Fifth reason: One of the most important aspects of foreign relations are promoting a mutual understanding between the people and nation of Amandium and the people of other countries that exist all around the world. The maintaining of understanding and harmony with other countries is a great aspect of the nation of Amandium.

In addition to dealing with the promotion and understanding of the nation of Amandium to countries around the world, the Department of Foreign Relations deals with issues that are not limited to a specific country, nor are they limited to an area within specific borders. These issues include international health, HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases and illnesses, and advancing and assisting global interests.
It is this desire for global health and peace that truly represents what the nation of Amandium desires to accomplish.

Currently the state is developing its economy using “local exchange trading system” as part of its monetary reform. Although it has its own currency, Amandz, businesses are almost entirely conducted online.

There are more than 10 micronations that the state is maintaining foreign relations, including Molossia and Conch Republic. All of them are established micronational states.

Above all, the national anthem of the Nation of Amandium demonstrates clearly its open-mindedness and love of freedom, and is a perfect representation of the nation’s policies. The anthem, whose lyrics were written by TH Ferraro and whose music was written by Andy Johnson, is as follows:

Oh Amandium

Glorious and free

We are victorious

In our diversity

Oh Amandium

All are welcome here

Embracing peace and liberty

May your flag wave far and near.

Oh Amandium

All who hear will see

And join with us as citizens

And live in unity.

Oh Amandium

May God’s love shine on thee

We will live as one

In true equality

Oh Amandium

Sovereign nation-state

Rise above the standard

And make our nation great.

No borders to separate

Ourselves from what is true

Oh Amandium

We pledge ourselves to you

We pledge ourselves to you.

The national anthem is complimented by the National Poem, which was also written by T H Ferraro.

Oh Amandium

Our hearts rejoice in the freedom

Our minds embrace the potential

Of borderless nations, together as one.

Oh Amandium

We celebrate the new paradigm

Of allowing opposites to attract and become one

Of the harmonious union of spirit and mind.

Oh Amandium

We acknowledge the truths

Of a global culture respecting diversity

Of a nation devoted to the free.

Oh Amandium

Symbol of a better world

Father, protector of civil rights

Mother, nurturer of a new society.

Oh Amandium

May you transcend borders

May your flag wave freely

To embrace a global nation-state.

Both the National Anthem and the National Poem represent the nation of Amandium’s values of a respectful, free nation devoted to civil rights and a better world.
For more information on the nation of Amandium, please visit the official website: http://www.amandium.org/home